My Adventures in Healing


My Adventures in Healing

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Power Through Surrender

The other day, I was telling my therapist that I had learned I was more resilient than I thought I was. She said, “Not just resilient but powerful.” And that stopped me dead. All the images of what I viewed Read more…

My Top 5 Books for Healing

There are all kinds of books out there on healing. Ones that help you with a cleaner, healthier diet; ones that help you understand your nervous system, neuroplasticity, and the power of believing you can heal. Books that explain and Read more…

Meet Yourself in the Wilderness

“Your time in the wilderness is designed to propel you toward your destiny.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach, Something More None of us chose to get lost in this isolating, lonely, frightening land called chronic illness. But here we are, feeling like Read more…