My Adventures in Healing


My Adventures in Healing

Tag: Fibro

Meet Yourself in the Wilderness

“Your time in the wilderness is designed to propel you toward your destiny.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach, Something More None of us chose to get lost in this isolating, lonely, frightening land called chronic illness. But here we are, feeling like Read more…

Attitude of Gratitude

Let’s talk about gratitude. Are you groaning? I get it. I know when someone tells you to be grateful while you’re suffering, you just want to throw something at them. I did, too. But I’ve learned gratitude is an essential Read more…

A Lesson from the Orchid

This is my orchid. All summer long, its stems were lined with velvety white flowers, but the last one fell off as fall arrived and now it just looks sad and well…dead. I thought I’d killed it, but it turns Read more…