My Adventures in Healing


My Adventures in Healing

Recovery Videos

In January 2018 I signed up for the ANS Rewire Recovery program (by Dan Neuffer, the creator of CFS Unravelled). I’d been watching other people’s recovery videos on his YouTube channel for years and was ready to try the program.

I’m sharing the videos I made while doing the program so you can see my progress. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, I have huge setbacks and there is no magic bullet. BUT, I do slowly progress. Healing is possible!

My Story: How my Fibro/CFS Journey began w/ a Medical Trauma

Video 1 (January 2018 Update)

Video 2 (February 2018 Update)

Video 3 (April 2018 Update)

 Video 4 (November 2018 Update)

Video 5 (January 2019 Update)

Video 6 (March 2019 Update)

Video 7 (July 2019 Update)